Aldora Door

Aldora Celik Darb Company started its activity in 2009 on a land with an area of ​​22,000 square meters of open space and 15,000 square meters of indoor hall in the city of Urmia by producing anti-theft doors. The company was able to expand its scope of activities in the shortest time and cover all parts of Iran. We are not satisfied with this and we are thinking about global markets. Using the latest technology in the world and benefiting from the expertise, experience and technology of Turkey, we were able to produce products based on consumer desires and tastes. We strive to continue to be well-known in this regard. You may need to buy an anti-theft door once in a lifetime, but when you realize that the raw materials of our product, including locks, panels, structures and other door components that provide security and guardianship of your loved ones' property and lives, are among the best materials. Made of the highest quality and efficiency, you will be relieved. Proof of our claim is to receive ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001 - ISO 1002 certification as well as fire certification.

Homogeneous products are abundant in the market, but what sets us apart from other competitors is the production of different products with different perspectives that you have seen so far. Our ultimate goal is to open a new door for those who think differently and want to live a peaceful life. Since the initial mentality towards an environment is formed upon entering that environment, Aldora's philosophy of existence is the door to creating a positive mentality. Therefore, our first offer to you is Aldora Door products.

Our goals and principles;

Improve our share of economic indicators by integrating technology, quality upgrades, different products and extensive after-sales service.


As a top company, creating a calm and safe environment for customers and defining a better and ideal standard of the product

Our core values;

Honesty, trust, quality, customer orientation, innovation, service ......

Open a new door to the world

Abdul Karim Akbash - CEO of Aldora

Ask us to be luxurious and dreamy!

Aldora brings beauty and security to your home with the highest variety and door designs